If you are good you will succeed. How many times did your parents or professors tell you? It seems that this can really be a winning equation, but it is not. Meritocracy does not always win over everything , like the noble warrior who defeats enemy armies. Nothing epic. Today the markets are globalized, all sectors are highly competitive, including the legal one. Being the best is no longer enough. We need to implement the best strategies for the law firm in order to emerge among your competitors, because maybe they are no longer good, but they know how to promote better.


Today being a lawyer is no longer as it was a few years ago, it’s not enough to have a law firm and wait for clients to arrive because there are too many lawyers . 

Working in this way was certainly not your greatest ambition, in reality it is not anyone’s. Yet you are good. You have graduated with excellent grades, you have studied so much, done a lot of practice, but still not enough. Unfortunately it is not always the best one that is chosen.

In a historical moment in which visibility is the master , the most successful lawyers are those that are perceived by users as a point of reference . If you don’t have a name, don’t work as you’d like.

There are some lawyers who have become very famous because they participate in television broadcasts and have great visibility. Not all lawyers, however, have the opportunity to have TV shows. But I’ll tell you, this is not the only way to be visible.

Law firm marketing can do a lot to make your law firm visible and known , so you can become a point of reference for your area and beyond.

There are different strategies for the law firm that allow you to promote the law firm on the web and increase the clientele, today, after all, you can do it without transgressing the legislation that still imposes different limits, although much less than a few years ago.


There are many people who need legal advice and professional advice but don’t know where to turn. Obviously they don’t trust the first name they find on the web, they’ll ask around and check your credentials, that’s why it’s important to have a good “window” on the web .