When you have to go to a specialist doctor you don’t know, the first thing you do is ask for information about your account from friends, relatives, acquaintances. The idea that someone can advise you of a doctor you trust, automatically, gives you security, and you trust . Why shouldn’t a person looking for a lawyer be the same thing? Being able to get positive feedback from its customers , then, is a huge advantage in terms of the law firm management.


Some time ago I had several work commitments that coincided with my wife’s. I had to follow a client out of town and Lorraine was busy morning and evening in the studio. Net of the hours of the nest, the children would have had to remain “alone” for a couple of hours before being able to leave them to the grandparents.

As it happens in these cases, the logical solution suggests the search for a baby sitter , but when you happen a little suddenly and you don’t know anyone, you don’t start looking through the ads, asking around to friends and relatives if they know someone trustworthy.

Here we are, trust is our keyword . It all starts here. Yes, because trusting is essential when you have to put something important to us in the hands of a stranger. I would never have entrusted my children to a person of whom I knew nothing.

But if this is taken for granted, even giving the right legal solution to the right professional is important.

Do not think therefore that your customers will choose you only on the basis of your amazing resume or because you have a sparkling tag at the entrance of your office. Many clients choose you because they have taken information from you , or because your office, which may have been your father’s or grandfather’s, has an excellent reputation. Several times we have said, however, that word of mouth as we intended a few years ago is no longer so effective, references, however, are increasingly so, and must be of quality .