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With the progress in every field, it is not enough to just have knowledge and understanding about the law. Today, the organizations look for more than just good lawyers. They require business savvy legal advisers.

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high-quality legal counse

We understand the value and demand of high-quality legal counsel in times of need.

business approach to the legal services.

Therefore, Peter Debnam provides guidance related to the business approach to the legal services.


We understand the sensitivity in the business matters therefore, we include the real live details. Utilizing the real-time stats, we ensure the best guidance for our clients and provide our lawyers with effective knowledge that can actually help our customers. The real-time stats helps us in understanding the clients in a much better way and provide the services accordingly.



our services in various languages

As we believe to provide the customers to the best possible services, we expand our services in various languages


Most of the lawyers

Most of the lawyers at Peter Debnam can converse in multiple languages and our site is also designed in multiple languages to cater to all the clients visiting our website.


We work with our clients on multiple areas that involve business matters, real-state, media, telecommunications, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, energy and resources, aerospace, finance services, private equity, sports and other sectors. We ensure to provide the needed legal services with a business approach, just how required by our clients. 


Our work is customized as per the needs of our clients. Therefore, our customer care department, lawyers and other members ensure to response all our clients as quickly as possible for best catering.

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Why Is It Important To Hire a Tax Consultant?

Why Is It Important To Hire a Tax Consultant?

Filing Tax Returns is one tedious task to do when your tax situation is multi-valued and has scores of transactions involved. This requires a special set of techniques for which a tax consultant is a must! Their job is not only to file the tax returns at the end of the year but to work with their clients, throughout the year to assure that their tax liability is reduced at the maximum. A personal tax accountant adelaide is an expert in taxation codes and rules, its planning and compliance. For businesses, whether big or small, tax consultant’s services are a must. They have a vast domain to tackle from keeping them informed about the State and Federal new taxation codes, to its planning and stratification over a particular business to its execution. They help the companies in the short and long term tax optimization, to comply with all the new tax codes and to avoid any legal penalties and liabilities. Let’s find out in detail how they can help a business to sustain its position in the market and keep them at par with the country’s ever-changing taxation modules.

Return Filing

It takes more than 8 hours to gather and compile data for tax returns for a starter. The depreciation or write-offs require another hour to take note. Digging up all the statements, accounts letters, classifying the business and personal transaction is another toll on nerves. After compiling dozens of such papers, a layman starts filing for the return unknown to the excessive liabilities and tax credits that could be otherwise reduced and received respectively with the help of a professional.

Minimize Tax Liabilities

A tax consultant is an expert in federal and state tax codes and regulations that an individual and a business need to comply with. Other than filing the tax returns, the most crucial task of tax consultants is to minimize your tax liabilities. Throughout the year, they work closely to identify the possible deductions you can take on without violating any of the taxation codes. Other than that there are many tax credits that a layman may avoid while filing the return, an expert would keenly keep an eye on such matters that can give advantage to their clients.

Your Financial Counselor

Other than the taxation laws, tax consultants are also proficient in financial counseling. They help their clients with important financial matters such as Estates, retirement taxes, and trusts. If the clients have rental property income, whole new taxation codes apply to it with which a common person may be unaware of. In personal affairs such as marriages, births, divorce or deaths, they work to sort the tax implications as the event requires and as per the law of the Country.

Tax Software v/s Tax Consultant

In recent years, the tax software has permitted even a layman to file their taxes but software cannot replace the intellect and understanding, a tax consultant would have about your business. Secondly, it does not give you the heartsease that your taxes are filed accurately. So, hiring a tax consultant for individual purpose, business, or family is a wise option to get the maximum rebate from the State taxation laws and to avoid any discrepancies.

Law firm management: 3 ways to get references from your customers

Law firm management: 3 ways to get references from your customers

When you have to go to a specialist doctor you don’t know, the first thing you do is ask for information about your account from friends, relatives, acquaintances. The idea that someone can advise you of a doctor you trust, automatically, gives you security, and you trust . Why shouldn’t a person looking for a lawyer be the same thing? Being able to get positive feedback from its customers , then, is a huge advantage in terms of the law firm management.


Some time ago I had several work commitments that coincided with my wife’s. I had to follow a client out of town and Lorraine was busy morning and evening in the studio. Net of the hours of the nest, the children would have had to remain “alone” for a couple of hours before being able to leave them to the grandparents.

As it happens in these cases, the logical solution suggests the search for a baby sitter , but when you happen a little suddenly and you don’t know anyone, you don’t start looking through the ads, asking around to friends and relatives if they know someone trustworthy.

Here we are, trust is our keyword . It all starts here. Yes, because trusting is essential when you have to put something important to us in the hands of a stranger. I would never have entrusted my children to a person of whom I knew nothing.

But if this is taken for granted, even giving the right legal solution to the right professional is important.

Do not think therefore that your customers will choose you only on the basis of your amazing resume or because you have a sparkling tag at the entrance of your office. Many clients choose you because they have taken information from you , or because your office, which may have been your father’s or grandfather’s, has an excellent reputation. Several times we have said, however, that word of mouth as we intended a few years ago is no longer so effective, references, however, are increasingly so, and must be of quality .

Strategies for the law firm: make it the reference point of the area

Strategies for the law firm: make it the reference point of the area

If you are good you will succeed. How many times did your parents or professors tell you? It seems that this can really be a winning equation, but it is not. Meritocracy does not always win over everything , like the noble warrior who defeats enemy armies. Nothing epic. Today the markets are globalized, all sectors are highly competitive, including the legal one. Being the best is no longer enough. We need to implement the best strategies for the law firm in order to emerge among your competitors, because maybe they are no longer good, but they know how to promote better.


Today being a lawyer is no longer as it was a few years ago, it’s not enough to have a law firm and wait for clients to arrive because there are too many lawyers . 

Working in this way was certainly not your greatest ambition, in reality it is not anyone’s. Yet you are good. You have graduated with excellent grades, you have studied so much, done a lot of practice, but still not enough. Unfortunately it is not always the best one that is chosen.

In a historical moment in which visibility is the master , the most successful lawyers are those that are perceived by users as a point of reference . If you don’t have a name, don’t work as you’d like.

There are some lawyers who have become very famous because they participate in television broadcasts and have great visibility. Not all lawyers, however, have the opportunity to have TV shows. But I’ll tell you, this is not the only way to be visible.

Law firm marketing can do a lot to make your law firm visible and known , so you can become a point of reference for your area and beyond.

There are different strategies for the law firm that allow you to promote the law firm on the web and increase the clientele, today, after all, you can do it without transgressing the legislation that still imposes different limits, although much less than a few years ago.


There are many people who need legal advice and professional advice but don’t know where to turn. Obviously they don’t trust the first name they find on the web, they’ll ask around and check your credentials, that’s why it’s important to have a good “window” on the web .


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